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Artist Book

My book Colorimetry is still available for purchase. Head over to for more information, or drop me a line at


TV Commercial

I directed this TV commercial that was produced at Nexus Studios, in collaboration with agency Who Wot Why. It features a series of elegant sorting algorithms that turn graphical chaos into satisfying order; a metaphorical visualization of the brand’s powerful mortgage matching algorithm.

Full Credits & Description on Vimeo

Daria & Jane chimera




Nine Squares

Repurposed Animation

Squares and pages, a sequence of images, et cetera. A repurposed frame by frame animation initially intended as a 15s commercial piece. Entirely hand drawn in Photoshop.

Animation & Design: Nicolas Ménard
Additional Animation: Anne-Lou Erambert, Joe Sparrow
Producer: Greet Kallikorm at Nexus Studios



Two playful looping idents commissioned by Vrak — a Bell Media TV channel in Canada — for their new on-air branding.

Direction: Nicolas Ménard
Animation: Anne-Lou Erambert, Nicolas Ménard


Artist Ident

An ident commissioned by MTV made in collaboration with Manshen Lo. We painted 109 A4 frames with gouache to bring to life this study in perspective. The result is a moving modernist painting.

Direction & Design: Nicolas Ménard
Direction & Lead Painter: Manshen Lo
Producer: Greet Kalikorm
Production Company: Nexus Studios
Painting Assistant: Caitlin McCarthy

Wednesday with Goddard

Animated short film

'A personal quest for spiritual enlightenment leads to romance and despair.' Animated Short Winner of SXSW 2017, commissioned by Channel 4's Random Acts, and part the second Late Night Work Club project. The film was made in collaboration with Manshen Lo, who was in charge of the pencil drawings acting as backgrounds and sets. Do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to screen the film in your event or festival.

Written, designed & directed by: Nicolas Ménard
Pencil drawings: Manshen Lo
Sound design: David Kamp
Producer: Claire Cook
Animation: Anne Lou Erambert, Claudio Salas, Sean Weston, Iris Abols, Michal Firkowski, Nicolas Ménard
Voices: Denis Foley, Aneta Piotrowska
Produced at Nexus Studios


116 Wooster Promo

A snappy 30s animated loop for outdoor projection, promoting Ray-Ban's new venue in New York.

Production Company: Nexus Studios
Direction & Design: Nicolas Ménard
Titles: Coppers & Brasses
2D Animation: Anne-Lou Erambert
3D Modelling & Animation: Michal Firkowski


Printed & animated poster

A poster design for the 2015 Souk@Sat in Montreal, a “bazaar organized in a loft-style space, where one can find a multitude of contemporary creations by Montrealers”. The client was looking for a surreal image of a floating structure that would also invoke a social hub.

Illustration & Animation: Nicolas Ménard
Art Direction & Graphic Design: Studio Pilote

Broken Clocks



Stereo pop

Looping Animations for Projection

I was commissioned by Stereo pop (a French-Canadian TV show airing on Radio-Canada) to deliver a series of looping animations for a singer's performance on stage.

Design & Direction: Nicolas Ménard
Animation: Anne-Lou Erambert, Nicolas Ménard
3D Modeling: Dara Cazamea

People, Misunderstandings & Furniture

Personal Work

Confusion with furniture, heartfelt camaraderie, thinking cylinders and other human studies.

Tourist's Illuminate

Music Video

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In 1992, a man receives love letters in Korean. Since Google Translate doesn't exist yet, he's left confused. What could this mean? The aesthetic was influenced by retro video games X (Gameboy) and The 3-D Battles of WorldRunner (NES). Have a look at the accompanying Tumblr here.

Production Company: Nexus Studios
Producer: Beccy McCray
Direction and Design: Nicolas Ménard
Full credits on Vimeo

Car Men


Exploring the relationship between men and car, car and men, men and men.

Le Petit Néant


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Le Petit Néant is a magazine celebrating the art of drawing and is curated and edited by Miguel Angel Valdivia. This animated promo invites artists to submit their work for the second issue...

Direction, Animation & Sound: Nicolas Ménard
Commissioned by: Miguel Angel Valdivia

The End


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